I started drinking magnetite water about 3 months ago. I have noticed my allergies have improved. Also, I have had badly recessive gums on the bottom row of my front teeth. 2 years ago I had to have surgery to correct this problem by grafting in skin from the roof of my mouth into the gum line of my front teeth. This did not solve the problem. From poorly done surgery, the graft kept falling down and the root would become exposed again. I had to keep getting the graft adjusted. A few weeks ago, I noticed that my teeth weren’t so sensitive in the front anymore where the graft was. I looked at my gums and realized new light pink gum had actually started growing over the roots under the graft. I couldn’t believe it! When you look at my gums now you can see the dark pink skin is the graft on top of newly light pink gum growing over my exposed roots. I contribute this effect to the magnetite water since I noticed dramatic results in my gums and healthier skin and teeth. This water is amazing! 

Aaron Logan, UT

I have been using magnetite water for about three months now and have had some very good results.  My allergies to pets have disappeared, I do not get as thirsty for water.  I feel like my body is actually using the water more effectively.  I have noticed that some of my moles are starting to actually dry up and scale off.  I have more energy now and do not need to sleep as much.  The big kicker is that I have stopped snoring after 20 years and my wife loves it not to mention my ribs are less sore.

Steve F

My husband has had some very large skin cancers on his back that are drying up and coming off. Also he has had many cysts under his skin for many years that are reducing in size. And, he had gray hair that is starting to turn black.

Gloria B.

Since drinking Magnetite water my energy level is up.  thanks  

Mandy C.

My whole family is loving the benefits they are getting from drinking the magnetite water including the children being able to study better while doing home school.  They are also not eating as much sugar as they used too.  We even spray the magnetite water on cuts and bruises and they heal much faster.   All my neighbors are always coming over and asking me to charge water for them as well.

Renee W.

Don’t just take our word for it…

We love drinking magnetic water, our children were getting sick quite often and now its much less frequent.  I also am able to concentrate better at work when I am drinking my water. 

Jon C.

My wife has been sick for many years and the doctors have not been able to figure out how to help her.  She has been drinking the magnetite water now for two months and she is smiling again and feels much better and has hope now.

Montie W.

I have had so many positive benefits from drinking the magnetite water. I use it for almost anything I can think of.  My feet get tired after a long day at work and I just soak them in this wonderful water and in about 10 minutes my feet feel great.  I also spray the magnetite water on my face as a type of toner and it feels great.  I now add it into my cats water each day.

Cynthia F. 

I have had a couple of very bad car accidents that almost took my life.  I have tried so many different things and this water is the best!  Thank you so much.

Nelly A.

I have had allergies for many years and my friend brought me a bottle of magnetite water and in about 20 minutes my itching eyes and runny nose cleared right up.  I love what this water does.  I  now have some chargers for everyone in the family.  Let everyone know the Good News about this water.  

Duane F.

I started drinking this water and milk has always stuffed up my nose.  I have noticed that since drinking this water for about 1 month my nose is not so stuffed up now.   It has also seemed to help my child who has had problems  eliminating.  My husband now takes his water to work with him.  Thank You

Laurie P. 

Its the first thing I look forward to drinking when I get up in the morning.  It just makes me feel centered or in alignment with my surroundings.

John T.

These are just some of the testimonials from our customers… order some Magnetite and send us yours!