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Self Healing

All our products are developed with this thought in mind…..Make life simpler, less confusing and more affordable.  We offer simple to use products that allow you to make positive changes in all parts of your life. Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Psychological are just a few. Using the finest ingredients with the most effective and cutting edge technology, we develop some of the most effective products on the market. Made In the USA


SmarterDrops™ are the result of many years of testing and research seeking to understand how the positive and negative experiences of life, whether inherited or our own, affect our every day health and wellness. Almost every function of our body is performed automatically without conscious thought. What if we could communicate more effectively with the Intelligence that runs our body? Could we improve our lives much, much faster? The answer is YES!

We recognized a simple yet direct way to communicate with the body and present acquired knowledge to the Intelligence allowing it to achieve balance at a faster pace. Blended with proprietary new technologies and some of Mother Earth’s finest ingredients, SmarterDrop™s provide anyone the opportunity of improving their quality of life.

While using SmarterDrops™ you might be amazed at the experiences you process while taking these drops!

Results are Key

  • beliefEmpwr©
  • bluesBgone©
  • BugBgone©
  • ChemTOXez©
  • ChippyCheeryDrops©
    • ChomperAide©
    • drop4DISeez©
    • FdAllerAide©
    • LymeBgone©
    • pollenBgone©


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VM800 Vitality Mats™


My husband has had some very large skin cancers on his back that are drying
up and coming off. Also he has had many cysts under his skin for many years
that are reducing in size. And, he had gray hair that is starting to turn black.
Gloria B.

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